Myself and a couple of friends had decided to visit Bhagat Tarachand on a typical afternoon on a weekday only to find that it was crowded and we were told that the wait time would be about an hour. With hunger pangs killing us, we decided to try out Nanumal Bhojraj which was close by and to our surprise a table was available. We ordered Paneer lazeez with butter naan, masaala papad, Dal fry with rice and finally the desert which was moong dal halwa. To our surprise, the food was outstanding and way better than we expected. We always thought Bhagat Tarachand was the best veg restaurant in Navi Mumbai and Nanumal Bhojraj only seemed to raise the bar further. Ever since, we have been regular here at Nanumal Bhojraj and trips to Bhagat Tarachand have reduced, though not ended. The food served here has edge over the one served at Bhagat Tarachand although the food served at the latter is great as well. What ever I have ordered here has never disappointed me. The service is moreover prompt, but food typically served at both the places are oily. The waiters are not that attentive at times and despite telling them to make food less oily, the subzi served is oily for my taste. Still I would highly recommend this place. All in all, an excellent vegetarian joint.Food: 5 stars Ambience: 2 stars Service: 3.5 Stars. VFM: 5 Stars

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