Vatsal Upadhyay

Nanumal Bhojraj is the best place for family gatherings. The location and ambience gives an elegant touch where you can spend quality time with family. Be it the restaurant or its Banquet hall, we had a very positive experience there. It has a big AC Hall where we have done almost 6-7 family functions till now. No need to discuss about the food as it is undoubtedly one of the best in Mumbai. The restaurant offers different types of Indian Food from different regions of India (Gujarati Food, South Indian Food). The Sindhi and Punjabi dishes are worth trying..This restaurant has its own Today’s Special item in the menu. The Sindhi Curry which is prepared on every Sunday is as good and delicious as the one which is prepared in the home. One should definitely try some different and unique dishes which are Nanumal Bhojraj’s speciality.

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